Heart of the Forest

My latest painting. This is the beginning of a new exhibition.  Heart of the Forest


Book Illustrations

Here are some illustrations I have done for books published by Grimbold.

These are from the collection of short stories called: Felinity.

Joel's cat

still here


Last hiss

drunk cat

Be a good kitty


These are from the book: The Sea Stone Sword, written by Joel Cornah.

Dino bird





When it comes to art, I find painting the most fun, which is odd perhaps, because I didn`t start painting until 2006, before then it was just pencil and occasional aquarelles. But I do love to challenge myself, so I started with oil paint and completely hated it. It just wouldn`t dry, and I`m not the most patient of persons so I tried acrylics instead and have never looked back.

Here are some of my paintings in acrylics. This series is called Angels and currently hangs in a gallery in my home town. They will also be apart of Aadenian Ink’s anthology called Out of the Dark.