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Sometimes us authors have to be a little inventive when marketing our works, so I came up with an idea that won’t only benefit me personally but also give something back. (Something more than my eternal gratitude) As an artist I’ve always found it difficult to put a prize on my art, I’d rather give it away to family, friends and fans.

So when my book The Soulsmith has 10 reviews/ratings on Goodreads and Amazon, I will select a name from those 10 and give away this drawing! (this picture is in the book)

And I’m happy to announce that “Stian Olstad” is the winner of this drawing 😀

Suli Waystation

And once you’ve rated and, or, reviewed you’ll be eligible to win any of the prizes. So don’t despair if you don’t win this time.

And when there are 20 reviews/ratings, this will be the prize! (also a picture in the book) As well as a signed copy of the Soulsmith.


50 reviews/ratings you can win this drawing from the book as well as 3 signed copies!


100 reviews/ratings you can win this painting! And 5 signed copies as well as an honorable mention in one of the books!

Powers within

I will also host competitions where you can win more artwork 🙂


2 thoughts on “Win Artwork”

  1. Great idea Evelinn – love the dragon picture!

  2. Thanks Tim 😀

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