My Books

We are all.

We are the dust in the wind.

We are the wind, the air, the sky, the stars, the universe.

We are you, you are us.

We are all made of the same, the same that all is made of.

We will exist for ever and have always existed.

We come full circle when we have been everyone and everything.

We are life and eternity.

We are all.

The Soulsmith, volume one, takes us into the life of Belian Teorenn, a young telepath who is accepted into the prestigious and feared Knights Order, a privilege only telepaths are granted. Seen as the superior race, telepaths are required to uphold strict laws as the majority of humanity lack such powers.

The Knights Order is their sole position of power throughout Evion’s society, and Belian’s twin sister, Fron, who was allowed to enter the Order three years prior, has sullied their fragile reputation by doing murder within their ranks. This affects Belian’s treatment as he arrives as a naïve and fresh-faced student.

The Soulsmith

Here is a little taste of how the graphic novel will look:

Fron’s Story:


And here are some anthologies I’m a part of 🙂

North of the sun


all the ways home


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